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April 4th, 2007 (08:35 am)
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current location: Living rooooooom.
current mood: bored
Song in my Head: My stomach gugrling angrily.

......Hellooooo LJ.

Did I miss you? Yes I did. Am I the only person in the world who still uses their LJ? Yes I am.

I hate Vista. Okay, I hate my laptop. But it's Vista's fault. It keeps locking me out and talking to me in its creepy robot voice....which I can handle that. Just not the locking me out part. That doesn't fly around these parts.

OH! OH! OH! AND! WHORESTUPIDVISTA STILL won't let me use my iPod, so I have to use my non-iPod, which I always was under the impression that it would let me put some of my Grey's DVDs on there butNO! So I do the next best thing...I swing over to House Eps. HELL NO THAT WON'T DO EITHER.

Now. Either I've gone retarded and forgotten how to work the thing, or Vista just REALLY wants me to killitded by not letting me change the format, therefore leaving me with NOHOUSE.

*Fume fume fume.*

At least there's Friday. Friday is when ALL good hings happen because I do not have to go to school. AND! I get to go home at some point and rescue my only working computer from the hallway...which I'm not really sure how it got there anyway. Why do I do this when there are like, five thousand perfecty good computers here?

BECAUSE. For one thing it hasn't been fucked with, for another it has Photoshop AND all my old icons that I lost when I got the new desktop that doesn't work right, AND it has iTunes on it, along with most of my purchased crap.


Now....to find a place to put it.

(/computer rant)

I've been reading old posts for the past hour. My GOD how things have changed. Those posts were pre-hellauntshouse days back when my uncle was alive. It's coming up on a year now, Friday. Wow.


How things have changed.

I've gone from sitting in Novanet failing math, to sitting in the UC (or in this case, my living room) PASSING math and FAILING English because of my pisspoor "teacher". I've gone from kindasorta looking forward to living at my aunt's house, to living there and waiting for the day I'm free of it, to BEING free of it. I've also gone from having a best friend who really wasn't a best or a friend that lived in the same state and went to the same school as me, to having....no best friend. Instead I have a lot of awesome friends, and one betterfriend who does NOT live in the same state as I do, yet we manage to share brains.

Not to mention there's a whole new season of nonTony 24. AND FAKE TONY/MICHELLE BADNESS. GRR.


I'm bored. And tired. And my stomach is upset with me. But it's not my fault...it's pollen's fault. But I'm not complaining.